Standards for Cataloging OhioLINK Databases

The following standards were discussed and accepted during the June 10, 2002 meeting of DMSC

MARC Field PCC Core Record requirements* Notes Standard Phrase
010 MA    
020 ‡a MA    
040 M    
130 or 1XX/240 MA Supply a uniform title if it is known or can be readily inferred from the item being cataloged. Example: Business wire news (Online)
245 ‡a ‡h M    
245 (remaining subfields) MA    
246 MA    
250 MA    
260 ‡a ‡b ‡c M    
362 MA    
4XX/8XX MA    
506 M   Available to OhioLINK member libraries.
538 (Mode of Access) M    
500 (Source of title proper) M    
520 MA Minimally, supply a brief summary note if the content of the item is not obvious from the rest of the bibliographic record.  
530/776 MA 530: Additional physical form available note
776: Additional physical form entry
This shows the relationship to other physical formats, e.g., print version.
5XX (Other) MA    
6XX MA If appropriate, supply at least one to two subject access fields.  
7XX MA Add corporate heading reflect resources that are OhioLINK, but not Gateway resources. 710 2# Ohio Library and Information Network.
730 MA Attempt to collocate OhioLINK items For databases: 730 0# OhioLINK research databases.
For Digital Media Center: 730 0# OhioLINK Digital Media Center.
830 MA To collocate OhioLINK resources, use 730 instead. See above.  
856 M URL points directly to OhioLINK resource. URL contains ‡zConnect to Database Online as part of stardard URL contruction.
Bibliographic Level
  "s" for serial. Present standards call for "m", but practice varies. "i" has been approved for coding Bib Lvl as "Integrating resource" but should not be used until officially implemented by LC and OCLC. This will probably take place in 2003.  
Type of Record
(In OCLC, Type:
  "a" for print material  

PCC Core Record requirements
Requirement Code Meaning
M Mandatory
MA Mandatory, If Applicable
O Optional

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Created 13 June 2002