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Collaborative Technical Services


The CollaboraTeS Toolbox works to foster collaboration among OhioLINK technical services departments by providing a set of supportive tools, and by working state-wide to help OhioLINK libraries create collaborative technical services opportunities.

CollaboraTeS Handout
CollaboraTeS Bookmarks

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Collaboration Ideas

Sharable Services
Suggestions for Implementing a Cooperative project

OhioLINK collaboration could involve:

OhioLINK collaborations could include (but not be limited to):

  1. Cataloging services—e.g., original and copy cataloging, special collections, non-English, special formats, backlogs etc.
  2. Ordering—if systems and payment methods can be worked out
  3. Physical processing
  4. Serial check in
  5. Licensing
  6. Electronic resource training and facilitating
  7. Topical subject analysis and authority control
  8. Binding—Consolidation of services across the state
  9. Vendor technologies and products
  10. Training—e.g., systems related, vendor services, best practices
  11. Workflow—e.g., efficiency, best practices, using technology effectively

CollaboraTeS Database

In the OhioLINK CollaboraTeS Database of Expertise, you will find information that has been provided by OhioLINK libraries in an effort to link technical services departments into mutually beneficial collaborations. OhioLINK libraries have identified specific expertise that they have and/or need. If your institution decides to collaborate with another, representatives from both institutions will negotiate directly regarding project and agreement details.

Updating Information in CollaboraTeS Database: contact Margaret Maurer,, (330) 672-1702


Conditions that foster Collaboration
List and descriptions of other North American collaborative projects
Presentations and further information

Project Specification Patterns

Cross-Institutional Cataloging Workflows
Sample project: Original cataloging *

Cost Models

What to Charge for a Service
How to Arrange the Costs

Memoranda of Understanding

What to include in memoranda of understanding
Example Memoranda of Understanding


For further information, contact:

Margaret Maurer,, (330) 672-1702
Julie Gammon,, (330) 972-6254
Barbara Strauss,, (216) 687-2362

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