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Acceptable Use Policies

The contents of the OhioLINK Electronic Book Center (EBC) are available for individual educational and research purposes. These electronic books are purchased by Ohio college and university libraries and are under copyright protection. Texts may be printed out or saved for teaching or research, providing that the rights of original copyright holders are not infringed. Any commercial use of EBC content requires permission from the content provider.

Authorized Users: Students, faculty, and staff of OhioLINK member institutions.

Examples of allowed uses:

  1. Generally, you may temporarily store on local media for subsequent viewing any content available from this resource, and later display it on screen or print it on paper.
  2. You may create links to this content through a Course Management System (e.g. WebCT, Blackboard) or other Web pages.
  3. You may print a copy of any text records retrieved as you use these pages.

Examples of prohibited uses:

  1. You may not systematically transmit (either on paper or electronically) content from these resources to anyone not involved in education or research at an OhioLINK institution. This includes but is not limited to mounting content on web servers that allow access to un-authorized users.
  2. You may not systematically or permanently cache content on local media.
  3. You may not use a spider or crawler program to capture data from this resource.
  4. You may not use this content for commercial purposes.

Contents of the Electronic Book Center are provided by purchase agreement through the OhioLINK Library and Information Network (OhioLINK). Use of the EBC is governed by the terms and conditions of the licenses and agreements between OhioLINK and the content provider. Individual license agreements between OhioLINK and the content provider take precedence over the general guidelines stated here.

If you have questions about permitted uses for any content on OhioLINK web pages, please contact info@ohiolink.edu.

July 2009