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Guidelines for Contributing Records
for non-OhioLINK Electronic Resources

NOTE: As of 2017, local-only e-resources were removed and are currently NOT contributed to the Central Catalog.

Here are guidelines for loading sets of records for electronic resources that your library subscribes to or buys on its own, outside of OhioLINK. Some publishers and vendors provide sets of bibliographic records for their e-resources, such as ebrary, JSTOR, and Serials Solutions.

These records require special attention if your library is loading such a set to its catalog. If you contribute these records to the Central Catalog, there are two important considerations:

(1) Control number: Field 001 is the primary match point for records in the Central Catalog. Make sure that the records have unique control numbers in 001, and not 035, for example. Also, make sure that the control numbers in 001 follow the standard format specified below.

(2) URL: Move URLs for local e-resources to 956, so that they display along with your institutional holdings. 956 information.

Or suppress: If you do not contribute these records to the Central Catalog, it doesn't matter how you process the control number and URL.

OCLC Records

When loading records that have true OCLC numbers in field 001, you can contribute these records to the Central Catalog as usual (remember to put the URL in 956). Examples:

JSTOR: 45446918
NetLibrary: 247511373

Non-OCLC Records

All-numeric control number: Records with all-numeric numbers in 001, which look like OCLC numbers but are not real OCLC numbers, may erroneously match real OCLC numbers causing invalid record overlays.

If you are loading such records, either:

(a) suppress these records from the Central Catalog, or

(b) insert an agreed-upon alphabetic prefix or suffix and make sure that the prefix or suffix is retained after load to Central

You need to understand how your load program will work on these records. Many Innovative load programs strip all alphabetic prefixes from 001, leaving an all-numeric number that might conflict with an OCLC number. Most Innovative load programs retain alphabetic suffixes in 001.

If you load such records, be sure that the 001 field will load in the standard way shown in the table below. The point is to get everyone to use THE SAME format so that records for the same resource will merge in Central, and so they won’t accidentally merge with unrelated OCLC records. Everyone must use THE SAME PREFIX OR SUFFIX for each record set. Table of non-OCLC record sets and recommended 001 format.

Note that libraries that DO NOT want to contribute the records to Central can go on doing whatever they want, so long as the records are suppressed from Central.

How to Standardize non-OCLC Records

In order for records from the same non-OCLC source to match up at Central and avoid duplicate records, DMSC recommends the following pre-processing on 001:

(1) Move the control number to field 001, if not already there (some vendors put control numbers into a field other than 001, such as 035).

(2) If the vendor uses an alphabetic prefix, insert the digit "1" before the prefix, so that your load program will not strip the prefix.

(3) If the vendor uses an alphabetic suffix, make sure that your loader retains the suffix.

(4) Move the URL to 956.


Source Vendor control number 001 for contribution to Central
ebrary 001: ebr10194157 001: 1ebr10194157
Eighteenth Century Collections Online 001: ESTCN10055 001: 1ESTCN10055
Gale Virtual Reference purchased outside of OhioLINK 001: gal0787693847 001: 1gal0787693847
LexisNexis U.S. Serials Set 001: cis2004000856 001: 1cis2004000856
ProQuest Nursing 001: 36687pro 001: 36687pro
Serials Solutions 035: (WaSeSS)ssj0000291 001: 1ssj0000291

Remember that an alternative is to load these records locally but suppress them from Central.

Libraries with load profile training can manipulate their 001 fields as shown below. Libraries without load profile training can use the MarcEdit program to edit 001. Instructions to edit 001 field using MarcEdit program.

Table of non-OCLC Records

Source Vendor control number prefix /suffix Convert prefix to
19th Century UK Periodicals (Gale) galukp 1galukp
AccessMedicine ccn 1accn
ACLS Humanities E-Books/History E-Book — pay-to-play resource   OhioLINK distributes OCLC records; do not contribute records supplied by ACLS
Adam Matthew Digital AC 1ac
Alexander Street Press asp plus various extra prefix characters, such as asps, and/or suffixes • prefix 1asp , 1asps, etc.
• make sure suffix is retained
example: 1ASPS10021539/wasm
Ambrose Streaming Video mfm is used in the 001 by the publisher, but this prefix is already in use for LearningExpress records 1ambrose
Ambrose Video — in OhioLINK collection   OhioLINK distributes OCLC records; do not contribute records supplied by Ambrose
Ambrose Video — local purchase, non-OhioLINK ambrosevideo 1ambrosevideo
APA PsycBooks apa 1apa
BC Open Textbooks bcot 1boct
Cambridge Collection Online BDZ, L, N, O, P, Q, R, S, U 1DBZ , etc.
Cambridge Collection Online OCoLC load like regular OCLC records
Chadwyck-Healey LION lion 1lion
CRCNetBase crcnb 1crcnb
Credo Reference xrc 1xrc
Digital Evans no 001 suppress
Digital Loeb Classical Library hup 1hup
Early American Imprints aas 1aas
Early English Books Online OCLC prefix plus "e" suffix load like regular OCLC records and make sure suffix "e" is retained
ebrary ebr 1ebr
EBSCO — in OhioLINK collection   Youngstown State loads these records to OhioLINK Central. We distribute records for local load; please suppress when locally loading.
EBSCO — local purchase, non-OhioLINK ebs prefix and suffix 1ebs , and make sure suffix is retained
English Short Title Catalog / Eighteenth Century Collections Online estc (plus various extra prefix characters) 1estc
Films on Demand all numeric, but non-OCLC suppress
Gale 17th and 18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers galbcn 1galbcn
Gale ebooks 5LCN 5LCN
Gale Dictionary of Literary Biography DLB 1DLB
Gale Learning Resource Center Periodicals LRC 1LRC
Gale Literature Criticism Online LCO 1LCO
Gale – Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources GALEMOMLPS 1GALEMOMLPS
Gale – Making of Modern Law: Trials, 1620-1926 GALEHSTR 1GALEHSTR
Gale Something About the Author gal 1gal
Gale Virtual Reference — in OhioLINK collection   OhioLINK distributes OCLC records; do not contribute records supplied by Gale
Gale Virtual Reference — local purchase, non-OhioLINK gal or gvrl 1gal or 1gvrl
Gerritsen Collection of Women's History Online gerrit 1gerrit
GPO’s Historic Shelf List hsl 1hsl
Kanopy kan 1kan
Knowledge Unlatched (open access) org.knowledgeunlatched. 1org.knowledgeunlatched.
Learning Express Library mfm or lex 1mfm or 1lex; previous OhioLINK resource
LexisNexis U.S. Serial Set (now ProQuest) cis 1cis
LWW Nursing and Health Professions Premier Collection (Journals @ Ovid) no prefix; suffix s make sure suffix "s" is retained
Making of America moa 1moa
Making of the Modern World momw 1momw
McGraw Hill Digital Engineering Library CCN 1CCN
McNaughton Leased Collection brd 1brd
MEMSO – Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online suffix xb make sure suffix "xb" is retained
Morgan & Claypool various suffixes, e.g., cem004, ssm001, ant002 • insert prefix 1morganclaypool
• retain suffix
example: 1morganclaypool200508com001
NBC Learn Higher Ed NBCH 1NBCH
Ohio Ebook Project    
Open Textbook Network OTLid 1OTLid
Oxford Reference — in OhioLINK collection   OhioLINK distributes OCLC records; do not contribute records supplied by Oxford
Oxford Reference — local purchase, non-OhioLINK no prefix; suffix oxo, or numeric-only 001, or no 001 • make sure suffix "oxo" is retained
• if numeric-only or no 001, suppress the records
Oxford Scholarship Online — in OhioLINK collection   OhioLINK distributes OCLC records; do not contribute records supplied by Oxford
Oxford Scholarship Online — local purchase, non-OhioLINK osouk 1osouk
Past Masters PM 1PM
Periodicals Archive Online (ProQuest) pao 1pao
PRISMA (Chadwyck-Healey) JID 1JID
Project MUSE ebooks muse plus ebook ISBN 1muse plus ebook ISBN
example: 1muse9789888053933
ProQuest Congressional Digital Collection cis 1cis; same prefix as ProQuest History Vault
ProQuest Dissertations and Theses pqdt 1pqdt
ProQuest History Vault cis 1cis; same prefix as ProQuest U.S. Serial Set
ProQuest Nursing no prefix; suffix pro make sure suffix "pro" is retained
ProQuest U.S. Serial Set (was LexisNexis) cis 1cis
Readex Serial Set densset 1densset
Rittenhouse R2 digital library   • if no 001 exists, leave it empty
• if 001 exists, add prefix 1R2
Sabin (Gale) ctrg or tgps with assorted suffixes 1ctrg or 1tgps , and make sure suffix is retained
Serials Solutions (full record) ssj 1ssj
Serials Solutions (brief record) ssib 1ssib
YBP ybp 1ybp

If you have a record set that does not appear in the table, please contact Emily Flynn, so we can add it to the table.

October 2017