Priority Mailing Labels OhioLINK Home

This is an interactive form to generate priority mailing labels for OhioLINK delivery. You may select your addresses here; the following screen will provide a usable label that you can print out and photocopy as needed.

For the best representation of print labels, we strongly recommend that you use a Web browser that supports stylesheets correctly. Netscape 4.x will not display the labels with total accuracy.

Note: the appearance of the mailing label onscreen may differ noticeably from the printed result.

IMPORTANT: THANK YOU for remembering these important points

Step 1: Pick your own "From" address:


Step 2: Pick the recipient's "To" address


Step 3: Pick the number of labels per page

4 2 1

Important: Notes on Printing

Prior to printing a label it will help to choose your browser's print preview option (under the File menu) and then choose the landscape view.
It also is sometimes helpful to choose "shrink to fit" or scale the page at 80 to 90 percent, in the print preview of Internet Explorer and Firefox.